Put vs. short and leverage presentation assignment help

Based on the topic “Put vs. short and leverage” and video in the word file “Topic and Link”, make a 8 slides powerpoint presentation with detailed script for each slide. There are rubrics that in the PDF file “Oral Presentation Rubric” to make sure it is organized, contains subject knowledge and mechanics.

Module 12: “Presentation by Students”.  While you are preparing for this presentation, please note the following guidelines;

  • Before you start, go to the “Experiential Learning” section of the syllabus and choose a topic from P#1 to P#11, and from P#15 to P#18.  Please note that sometimes there are several topics listed under the same P#, for example, under P#8, there are two topics: “put options”, and “put as insurance”.  You only need to present one of the topics there, for example, you can choose to present “put as insurance” in P#8.
  • Each student prepares a five-minutepresentation in either of the two forms:
    • Please note that presentations without the accompanying slides or documents will have a significantly reduced grade.
  • Your presentation will be graded by the instructor based on the “Oral Presentation Rubrics” that you can find in the Module 12 folder.



Experiential Learning

Topic and Video Link:

Put vs. short and leverage – This video explains put vs. short and leverage. https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/derivative-securities/put-call- options/v/put-vs-short-and-leverage

Student Presentation Rubric
Poor Excellence
0.5 pts 1 pts 1.5 pts 2 pts
(2 points at
Audience cannot
understand presentation
because there is no
sequence of information.
Audience has difficulty
following presentation
because student jumps
Student presents
information in logical
sequence which
audience can follow.
Student presents
information in logical,
interesting sequence which
audience can follow.
(2 points at
Student does not have
grasp of information;
student cannot answer
questions about subject.
Student is uncomfortable
with information and is
able to answer only
rudimentary questions,
but fails to elaborate.
Student is at ease and
answers most questions
with explanations and
some elaboration.
Student demonstrates full
knowledge (more than
required) by answering all
class questions with
explanations and
(2 points at
Student’s presentation has
four or more spelling
errors and/or grammatical
Presentation has three
misspellings and/or
grammatical errors.
Presentation has no
more than two
misspellings and/or
grammatical errors.
Presentation has no
misspellings or
grammatical errors.
Eye Contact
(2 points at
Student makes no eye
contact and only reads
from notes.
Student occasionally uses
eye contact, but still
reads mostly from notes.
Student maintains eye
contact most of the time
but frequently returns
to notes.
Student maintains eye
contact with audience (or
camera), seldom returning
to notes.
(2 points at
Student mumbles,
incorrectly pronounces
terms, and speaks too
quietly for audience in the
back of class to hear.
Student’s voice is low.
Student incorrectly
pronounces terms.
Audience members have
difficulty hearing
Student’s voice is clear.
Student pronounces
most words correctly.
Most audience
members can hear
Student uses a clear voice
and correct, precise
pronunciation of terms so
that all audience members
can hear presentation.
Total Points (max=10 pts)

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