History Assignment

1. Go to Google and search for Gordon Smith-Houston Museum of Natural Science. Enable the exhibit entitled, “Wearable Art: Plains Indian Clothing and Accessories from the Gordon Smith Collection.” Scroll through the various subjects of the exhibit and discuss what was of interest to you in the clothes-making process as practiced by the people of the Blackfoot Nation. Who was Chief Two Guns White Calf (the son) and why was he historically significant? What is his connection to the National Football League?

2. Go to YouTube and watch the documentary, “The Indigenous People of America.” Select a Native American culture from each of the three topics and include what was of interest to you in each one: (a.) MESOAMERICA: Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans, Mexica, and Incas. (b.) NORTH AMERICA: Iroquois, Great Sioux Nation, and Muscogee Creek. (c.)THE SOUTHWEST: Apache, The Navajo, The Pueblo, The Ute, The Paiute, The Shoshone, and The Nez Perce. DO NOT rewrite the documentary because I saw it. Include aspects from the cultures regarding religion, science, social structures/governing, and the arts and use Google to help in your research.

3. The essay should be 2 1/2-3 pages EXCLUDING the title page. The page dimensions are: indent 1 1/2 inches from the top, 2 inches from the bottom to allow for footnoting, and 1 inch on each side for margins. Use 12 font size and double space.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure to cite your research sources. PLAGIARISM is a serious academic issue and will result in a failing grade on this assignment and will be factored in with your final grade.

Please upload your work. Do not upload Pages, or Googledocs.

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