The Propaganda of Commodities

Christopher Lasch’s allegations in ‘The Propaganda of Commodities’ are logical and gives insight into the world of capitalism and modern consumerism. Indeed, it is true that early views of capitalism and human labor did not see human capital as potential consumers. In any case, employees were burdened and controlled by the respective employers. From the article, transformation and views on capitalism and capitalism changed from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries. I believe the concept of mass production in early 1900s was instrumental in forcing the masses accept new consumption cultures. In essence, mass production was the primal to serving the increasing market demands. I also agree that mass production satisfied basic material needs and the need for a continued economy growth led to new technological innovations.

I find it interesting that industrialists used the era of civilization as a propaganda tool in forcing people accept things that were never a necessity. In this context, I agree that industrialists were successful in using advertising as the main tool of propaganda. Over the time, commercial advertisements have been effective in creating an illusion of prosperity, value, and appearance. Actually, it has now dawned one economists that the propaganda of commodity through advertising has made it difficult for consumers to remain satisfied. On the contrary, consumers have an insatiable appetite and become anxious and bored.

I full agree that the propaganda of commodity relies on pervasive fatigue and the ever changing products and the unfulfilled consumer tastes.  Also, it seems that the propaganda of commodities is about exploiting the depravity of potential consumers. For example, using negative emotions and unhappiness and turning such misery into a commodity. I believe the propaganda of commodities will continue to flourish in the twenty first century with the help of marketing through social media technology.

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