What are the 59 Best Topics for Research in Marketing

Learn How to Choose the Best Topic in Marketing Research

Studying marketing would be a great subject to pursue, but there are so many topics to choose from. It may not always be easy to find a really outstanding and original topic to investigate. Here’s a list of topics for any marketing research paper.

How do You choose a Good Marketing Research Topic?

It is important to choose a topic that is relevant to your area of study. The topic must positively contribute to the field of marketing. The research topic must provide a new perspective, research opportunity, or research challenge—in other words, it needs to be interesting! 

Your research must make the field more complete. You also need to choose your research topic in such a way that you can actually do research on it and contribute something useful. If you are studying research methods in marketing, research is the only way to finish a degree.

Also, ensure that your favorite research topic in marketing is approved by the professor. Getting approval for your research topic from your professor will not only save you a research paper but also ensure that your research could be published.

The research topic should be unique and original; otherwise, it may get rejected by the journal or the publisher. There must not be similar research being done by other scholars on your research topic in marketing. It is better to build upon what has already been done in research of your research topic. By doing this, you will be able to create something new and innovative.

The research topic should appeal to the readers’ interests. If you write a research paper on a boring research topic, nobody is going to read it; neither journal editors nor publishers will accept such research papers since no one will be interested in research on such research topics.

If you have a knack for research, it would be better that you research the research topic of your choice in marketing by yourself and submit it either at the university or departmental level research paper competition, so that your research could be published.

Common Marketing Topics

  1. How does positioning change to service customers’ needs?
  2. While marketers may try to play a role in their customers’ purchasing decisions, retailers are ultimately responsible for an impulse buy.
  3. What is customer experience?
  4. With the rise of product and service options, the definition of marketing is now constantly shifting.
  5. What are the advantages of green marketing?
  6. What is brand awareness and how can it be increased?
  7. How is AB testing used in social media?
  8. What are some aspects of marketing that can be explored?
  9. Creating a marketing campaign to increase customer loyalty.
  10. How to promote a marketing project?

Common Marketing Research Topics in Management

  1. The research process in management
  2. Qualitative research vs. quantitative research
  3. What is the best research tool?
  4. The research process in marketing
  5. How management research can be used by a startup company
  6. The research process in research marketing
  7. The research tools of management research
  8. What is the research cycle?
  9. How to carry out an effective research project?
  10. How research can be used by a startup company

Marketing Research Topics for Entrepreneurs

  1. What are the research tools and methods?
  2. Where to find research information?
  3. What are the best research topics for startups?
  4. How to research market research?
  5. What are the best research projects for students?

What are the research topics for digital marketing?

  1. What research tools are used in the research of digital marketing?
  2. How to research social media engagement using research?
  3. What research methods can be used in digital marketing research?
  4. Gamification research in digital marketing
  5. Exploring how gamification contributes to customer engagement
  6. How customer interaction research can play a role in digital marketing research?

Marketing Research Topics in Supply Management

  1. The best strategies to minimize risks in logistics management.
  2. Ways to the best research in supply chain management and logistics
  3. The main benefits and risks of outsourcing data collection efforts.
  4. How do inventory management systems rely on the latest technologies?
  5. How to research supply chain management?
  6. How do the information and communication technologies impact supply chain management?
  7. Understanding what total quality management is, and how it can help your business.
  8. How to best reduce logistics risks?

Marketing research topics in human resources management

  1. How can companies deal with an increase in creativity among workers?
  2. Some marketers claim that a CEO’s gender can influence the future success of their start-up.
  3. What are the methods utilized by corporations to demonstrate corporate social responsibility?
  4. A company needs strong leadership skills from the manager to be successful.
  5. Social media can be a great tool for an HR specialist looking to hire new staff.
  6. What are the top factors that make an employee want to leave his or her job?
  7. How do we build relationships with employees? Modern companies and executives are looking for new ways to engage with their team.
  8. One of the more common questions in business is increasing employee motivation without financial treatment.
  9. Reduce redundancy: How to increase employees’ motivation without having to provide them with a raise?
  10. What are the benefits of holding corporate parties in a company’s culture development?

Marketing research topics in customer behavior

  1. Is one of your website’s goals to entice customers into spending more money
  2. How social media play a role in incentivizing potential customers to become buyers.
  3. How do modern information technologies affect customer choice or brand manipulation?
  4. A good way to start a blog post about marketing is to discuss why a company needs repeat customers. This will probably include information on why impulsive buying behavior exists, and how companies use it as a strategy to get customers in the door.
  5. Reliability of the e-CRM system.
  6. The new topic of Sensory Marketing: What it is and how it can influence customers’ behavior.
  7. What counts as effective use of social media for customer interaction?
  8. Would rewards encourage customers to buy more products?
  9. How can we increase the sales level with these methods: gift cards, promo-code, digital marketing strategies?
  10. What is the best way to target people between the ages of 18 and 34?

How to Prepare Good Research in Marketing

Research is the most crucial part of marketing research and should be prepared carefully. The research is the base for all research in marketing research. The research will determine which research topics to explore. The groundwork for research in marketing starts by identifying the best sources of information for the topic that you’re researching. These research sources can be found in the research process.

Below is a 5 steps process on how to prepare the best research in marketing

Identifying the Problem

To research effectively, you need to identify your research problem. But how do you come up with a research problem?

Your research problem is similar to your research topic however, it is much more specific than that. It would also help you narrow down your research area and give you direction on what are the available sources for further research.

Development of a Marketing Research Plan

Your research plan should be a detailed document that contains the research process, research questions, research schedule or timeline, research budget, and research team.

In the marketing research plan, you will have to provide answers on how your research problem would be addressed. You might include methods and techniques of collecting data for your research problem. For instance; if you research the effectiveness of your company’s logo, you might research how people perceive your logo. If this technique is impossible to employ (like in research involving a hard-to-reach population) it will be better for you to research on research alternatives.

And if you are planning to research online, create a research schedule detailing how long each research activity will take.

Collecting Marketing Research Data

The research of marketing research data is the most important part because this would determine if your research will contribute anything useful to your company or not. The collection phase involves brainstorming, research, and selection of research methods and strategies as well as survey construction, interviewing techniques, designing questionnaires, and conducting field research.

Marketing Research Data Analysis

This process involves inspecting research data, research results, and drawing research conclusions.

Marketing research data analysis is the key step in the research process. It’s also one of the most important steps because it determines if your research questions were answered properly or not. Marketing research data analysis requires hard work, strong research skills, and good analytical ability to determine which data are relevant for your research.

Implementing the Marketing Research Plan

Once the research data analysis is done, it’s time to implement your marketing plan. It involves taking research findings and applying them to your company.

If you have conducted research on the branding of an online business for example; take research findings that reveal what particular features of the business’s brand are most effective in making consumers purchase products. Implement results that will make your website more attractive to potential customers.

Become a Better Researcher!

Do you research the same topic all the time? If so, it’s time for you to research topics and expand your research knowledge. Here are some suggestions:

1) Find out about research tools that can be used in marketing research such as research management software, research databases, and research portals.

2) Learn research ethics so your research will be free from bias and errors

3) Research on research methodologies and theories 4)  Learn to research on research techniques

5) Explore the latest research topics in marketing

By learning how to conduct marketing research, you not only improve yourself but also strengthen your research capability.

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