SOC 449 Week 3 Discussions Latest-GCU

SOC 449 Week 3 Discussions Latest-GCU

200 words for each discussion

Each DQ question needs a reference and it must be citied in citation.

1. Watch “Probation Officer: Redo of Session 1” video located in the Topic 3 folder in MindTap. Explain how well you assessed the Case Manager’s skill set in Session 1. What did you learn about best practices and direct practice errors by watching this example? How were the changes effective? Explain the differences in the client’s response/reaction to the Probation Officer from Session 1 and the Redo of Session 1.

2. What is your muddiest point in understanding errors Social Workers can make?

3. Explain the difference between giving advice and supporting a client. Provide an example of how to support a client without giving advice after you viewed the Probation Officer video scenarios.

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