SOC 445 Week 5 Assignment 2 Latest-GCU

SOC 445 Week 5 Assignment 2 Latest-GCU

For this assignment, you will continue to use your selected case study to complete this assignment. Complete Section 3 of the Case Management Process template: The First interview video

Section 3: Planning and Linking (500-750 words)

Due Topic 5

For this section, begin to develop the initial plan that includes the following:

Consider possible interventions. Explain the systems affecting the client/consumer. Conduct the strengths perspective and explain how you would use this assessment to assist the client/consumer. Recall what you learned about linking the client/consumer to resources and recommended resources, while taking into consideration the stakeholders and interventions, and explain possible barriers to resources that may exist. Turn in Section 3 at the end of Topic 5 for instructor feedback

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