Movie Coach Carter

This paper is on the MOVIE COACH CARTER.
1) Give a brief 1 page synopsis of the film/book you watched/read from Writing Assignment 1

2) Define the leadership theory/style associated with Coach Carter

3) Identify the issues or risk factors associated with this leadership style approach as portrayed by him.

4) Explain the communication strategy employed by Carter to relay the leadership style to the followers.

5) Identify and explain the issue of conflict, negotiation, and resolution that needed to be resolved by him.

6) Describe the Carters’ response to ethics, culture, and diversity issue.

7) Assess the overall team and team building process he employed to support followers.

8) Describe your opinion on him and their leadership style in 1-2 paragraphs.

Remember your paper should include a paragraph for the introduction and one paragraph for the conclusion.

Include your readings from the course and any other independent research to support key ideas you wish to express in the paper. Please note you need to include a citation for the film in your list of references in APA format.

For this assignment you will incorporate, a minimum 4 references. Include the film you selected, and at least 3 journal articles that discuss the leadership style/theory that matches the character in the film.

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