Module 11 discussion

Module 11 Discussion: Implementation Communications Management

A communication confirmation table is a planning tool that becomes a management tool once you have begun the actual implementation of your communications plan. As a planning tool, it confirms the logic of your plan for each public according to the analysis completed in your research. As a management tool, it provides the flexibility to change your plan quickly and effectively to make progress toward your objectives.

The strategically planned calendar becomes the other key management tool in the implementation process. Use it to manage your efforts for each public as well as to manage the whole campaign from a macro perspective. In the implementation process, these two management tools provide the capability for measurement and feedback to adjust the plan and keep it on track.

Discussion Post Assignment  – TEAM ASSIGNMENT

  • Read Chapter 11 in its entirety before you start your discussion post assignment.
  • Create a Calendar using the format in Chapter 10 on page 196 that will help you evaluate the logic of your plan. 
  • Create this plan based on what you project will work best for your final project company/organization

Discussion Format – Please follow! 

  • This is a team assignment but each partner must submit the same identical assignment. 
  • Include your name, your partner names, your final project company/organization name at the top of your discussion post.
  • Follow format/assignment layout listed above – headers help clearly identify each area. 
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