Innovative Leadership Weekly Discussion Assignments

LDR300 Innovative Leadership Week 1 Discussion


Defining Leadership

How would you define leadership? Why do you think this is an appropriate definition? How does your definition compare with the one in the textbook, particularly the one offered by the author of the text in the section on Effective Leadership – Who is a leader? How is it similar and how might it be different?


LDR300 Innovative Leadership

Week 2 Discussion

Traits as Part of Leadership

Do you think some people are born leaders and can rise to the top no matter what the situation? Why/why not?  If so, what key characteristics do they need to possess?


LDR300 Innovative Leadership

Week 3 Discussion

Power and Leadership

Power is essential to leadership; but it can also be abused. How can leaders use power to get things done without becoming autocratic or abusive?



LDR300 Innovative Leadership

Week 4 Discussion

Charisma and Leadership

Charisma is considered a positive trait for a leader, and charismatic leaders are sought after. Are charismatic leaders always effective and desirable? Is it a necessary element of leadership? Why/why not?


LDR300 Innovative Leadership

Week 5 Discussion

Cultural Contexts of Leadership

What is considered effective leadership depends on the cultural context. However, do you think there are some leadership “gold-standards,” some characteristics and behaviors that leaders in all cultures must demonstrate? If so, what do think they are?

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