Gusa, Claudia “Cat Psychology”

Article Review: Gusa, Claudia “Cat Psychology”

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After reading your essay on ‘cat psychology’, I have noted how you have used a cat’s first person narrative to give a glimpse into a cat’s life.  It is clear that the essay’s main points are that cats have a biological ability like human beings that help them engage in a fight and flight mode. Also, the essay is narrated from a human first person narration. The human perspective gives an insight how humans view cats like pets. You have also tried to show how cat psychological is influential to modern society by comparing the animal’s neurophysiology to that of humans.

After reading your essay, I can conclude that you explored on whether animals like cats are similar at humans in in way. I can attest that you have concluded that the stereotypes associated with cats such animals are similar to humans from a neurophysiology perspective. Also, you have correctly concluded that cats use natural senses in determining whether an environment is safe.

The essay is well organized and can be used for further research studies and discussion by classmates. However, the style of the essay in using a first person narration both as a cat and later as a human is confusing in the beginning.

In the first paragraph ‘I briskly paw my way through the darkness’ and in the second paragraph ‘let me tell you the story of how I met my cat spooky’ gives an impression of two different worlds as perceived by both cat and human narrators. Having a first person narration from a human perceptive would be correct and simple to understand the essay.

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