A Solution: Proposal Presentation

This is a6 to 8- minute presentation that offers a proposed course of action to solve a (fictional) company/organization’s problem.You must research the actions of a current (real) company that has overcome / is working with a similar problem. Use this real company and their course of action as your model. Create a plan of action, with as many details as possible; to solve the company’s problem (s).

A bibliography of your sources is mandatory. No bibliography = no presentation.

Zoom: In class presentations: 6 to 8- minutes

  • Cite your sources verbally in your speech and on your outline.
  • You must present a bibliography to your instructor prior to your presentation.

No bibliography = no presentations.

  • Your presentation must utilize PowerPoint or other presentation programs. 3 to 7 slides are expected.
  • Keep concise. Make it clear. Give details.
  • 6 to 8 minutes is your time. You will be stopped if you go over time.

Written Requirements:

  • You must provide an outline that follows the proposal presentation format (below), or a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the topics in the below format. This format and its criteria are mandatory: outlines or presentations will not be accepted in any other format. Details will be explained in class.
  • You must use, at least, 3 sources and write a Bibliography. These sources must be used to support your ideas.

Here is the format:

Proposal Report Presentation

A printed outline with a PowerPoint presentation of 3 to 7 slides with your presentation. Or, a PowerPoint/ media presentation with a bibliography and notes.All presentations must adhere to the following format:


  1. Introduction:
  • Get our attention. [Attention getter.]
  • Describe the company’s problem.
  • Focus our thinking to your plan.



  1. Methodology and Research:
  • What was your research? How did your research effect the development of your idea (lead you to your idea?)


  • Findings and Conclusion:
  • What is your proposed plan of action?
  • Any new ideas, not like your researched company, that you can propose? How does this apply to your Plan of Action?
  • What is the outcome of the action plan?


  1. Recommendation:
  • Tell uswhy your plan is a good investment of time and resources. Recommend that we take it.


  1. Notes Page; if applicable.
  2. Bibliography/ aka Sources cited page. (Mandatory. You will not get a grade without it.)

Scenarios: [Closing a company is not an option.]

  • A retail chain is losing profits to internet retailers. What can be done to survive? Propose a plan of action.
  • A comic book company (traditional) has lost huge profits: 50% last quarter. What can they do? Reinvention? State a course of action.
  • A Charity organization cannot seem to start-up. All plans to get the organization to begin keep getting stalled. They need a plan to raise awareness and monetary contributions.
  • A documentary filmmaking company, specialized in environment topics and social action, wants to get its films seen. How do they find distributors to get their films seen? How can they get seen without distributors? What is a plan of action?
  • You may also create a scenario. Please check your idea with your instructor.

Give all companies a name; create any facts and figures with these scenarios.

A Final 1 to 1.5-page outline in the above format with a one- page Bibliography is due via email: Sunday 12/06/20. We will present these solution proposals in our final classes 12/7; 12/09.; and our final on W 12/16.


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