writing 2


Compose an essay in APA format using a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page.  Answers to each of the 4 questions must be a minimum of 500 words with key terms in bold font. Answer the questions using the concepts from the lessons and reading assignments. You may use any scholarly books or materials, but you must do the work alone. For this assignment you may use first person.  There is no need to retype the questions in your essay, but you should continually refer back to each to ensure that you stay on topic. Please include at least one citation per each of the 4 essay questions. Do not use any direct quotes. Websites are not appropriate academic references and should not be used in academic writing.

1. Think of a class outside of your major. Using the Gestalt principle, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” describe your preconceived perception of the class, 3 details that you now know are different from that initial perception, and your continuing perception in spite of the details.

2. In church and in other settings, announcements are made that affect you.  Describe 4 techniques covered in the textbook which the speaker could use to keep your attention. Use bold font to label the names of the techniques.

3. You have gone through stages of Piaget’s cognitive development, in your professional beliefs and in your theological beliefs. Name and trace the development of any 1 of your beliefs through all 4 stages. Give at least 1 specific characteristic for each stage and use terms from Piaget’s theory. Though you may not remember your cognitive development at every stage, trace what must have happened to you in each stage to allow your current functioning. In relation to this belief, what is the best stage for you to be in now, and why? Use bold font to label the name of the each stage.

4. Think of classes in your major. Explain 3 concepts from Vygotsky’s theory and provide examples of how they could help to boost your zone of proximal development (ZPD) for learning in those classes. Use bold font to label the name of each concept.  

Essay 2 Grading Rubric



Levels   of Achievement



72 points




Question   1

16 to 18   points 

The paper meets content requirements:

Class outside major listed

3 preconceptions listed

Current Perception listed

Question   2

16 to 18   points 

The paper meets content requirements:

4 Attention-Keeper techniques & examples


Question   3

16 to 18   points 

The paper meets content requirements:

Belief Identified

First Stage/example

Second Stage/example

Third Stage/example

Fourth stage/example

Best Stage

Question   4

16 to 18   points 

The paper meets content requirements:

Major and course identified

3 Vygotsky terms explained

Examples of ZPD


28 points






25 to 28 points

The paper meets   APA structure requirements:

Proper spelling   and grammar are used. Key terms bolded.

Title page, in-text   citations, and reference page used. No direct quotes included.

Answer to each   essay question is a minimum of 500 words.

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