Week 6 Project 3 Microsoft Word Class

 Formatting a Newsletter

Create a (topic of your choice) newsletter with 250 or more words based on a selected newsletter template. Include the following:

  1. Apply sensible content based on the newsletter theme
  2. Add an appropriate Bullet List to enhance the newsletter
  3. Add WordArt to the newsletter
  4. Use Drop Cap in the newsletter
  5. Build an applicable Table with a table style in the newsletter
  6. Add at least two graphics or illustrations to emphasize a point in the newsletter
  7. Add your Name and Date to the Footer of the page
  8. Create a PDF file of the newsletter only
  9. Using the Mailing feature create an envelope document with a set of mailing addresses to mail the newsletter
  10. Using the Mailing feature create a label document with a set of addresses to place on the envelope
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