Week 5 Report

Institutional Assessment Report

Supporting Lecture:

Review the following lectures:

  • Types of Assessment Reports
  • Linking Assessment and Planning

Throughout this course, we have focused on the importance of conducting meaningful and carefully planned assessments. In addition, we have stressed that sharing the results with relevant stakeholders is equally important. Data from institutional assessments can and should provide a foundation on which recommendations for improvements are based. In this assignment, your goal will be to review and analyze an institutional assessment report and propose recommendations for improved institutional effectiveness.


  1. Review the Institutional Assessment Report for Marquette University (2012–2013).
  2. Compare and contrast the use of direct and indirect measures to assess student learning.

    1. Based on current literature, discuss whether the combination of direct and indirect measures is appropriate at the undergraduate level and the graduate level.
    2. Propose recommendations for change, if appropriate, to balance assessment type at each level of learning.
  3. Examine the integrated core learning outcomes [ICLOs] that are measured using senior experience and capstone course assignments.

    1. Rank the four ICLOs in terms of importance based on your own personal opinions and current literature.
    2. Propose recommendations for change, if appropriate, to address proficiency issues.
  4. Create a table where you match elements from the graduating senior survey (GSS) to specific core and institutional outcomes.

    1. Discuss which outcomes are being met well and which are in need of attention.
    2. Propose recommendations for change, if appropriate, to address perceived proficiency issues.


Marquette University. (2012–2013). Institutional assessment report. Retrieved from http://www.marquette.edu/assessment/documents/InstitutionalAssessmentReport2012-13Final.pdf.

Submission Details:

  • Use APA format and style for your paper.
  • Complete your analysis in an 8- to 10-page Microsoft Word document.
  • Name the document as SU_INS7205_W5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
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