Virtual Tour of Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial

write 3 pages.

Please also visit the Berlin memorial website. What is the controversy about the Berlin

memorial? Do you agree that this is a proper memorial? Also, please take a look at the

Stolpersteine (stepping stones to memorialize those who perished in the Holocaust).

What did you learn from the virtual tour of the Philadelphia memorial? Briefly describe

your impressions of these memorials and remembrances. What do you think is the

appropriate way to remember the Holocaust? Do you think it is appropriate to place

stepping stones on the sidewalk that people walk over?

You can use below links:

Please visit the US Holocaust Museum Website and the Yad Vashem websites for a broad overview of these memorials/museums:

Stolpersteine – stepping stones to memorialize those who perished in the Holocaust holocaust-remembrance

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Berlin Memorial

page1image2057537648 to-the-murdered-jews-of-europe

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