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As a nurse, I would encourage a 72-year-old retired accountant to start exercising because it would improve his health and quality of life. The patient needs to understand the health issues that may arise due to the lack of exercise and physical activity. Exercise is associated with a reduction in the risk of the development of common diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, improvement of mental health, the reduction in the risk of falling, social engagement, and the improvement in mental cognition (Langhammer et al., 2018). It would be necessary for the patient to understand why he wants to exercise and set goals that would motivate him to exercise. Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle would be a good decision for any individual regardless of their age.

There are various evidence-based programs that an elderly adult can adopt to safely and effectively engage in physical activity. The patient should try to be consistent by following an exercise program that would allow him to achieve his goals. Rivera-Torres et al. (2019) suggested that before an older adult starts exercising, they should determine the type, time, intensity, volume, progression, and frequency of the exercises to maintain adherence and motivation. The patient should focus on four categories of exercises, that is, balance, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic exercises (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019). The exercise program would improve the patient’s energy expenditure and allow him to achieve the desired health benefits. Aerobic exercises should involve a moderate activity of 150 minutes per week, which may include dancing and walking, or intense exercises lasting for 75 minutes, which may include swimming, and jogging, or a combine both exercises (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019). However, the duration of the exercise should be increased gradually from 10 minutes to 60 minutes per session (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019).

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