SOC 449 Week 7 Treatment and Intervention Plan-GCU

SOC 449 Week 7 Treatment and Intervention Plan-GCU


View the “Carl Case Study”, “Lillian Case Study”, and the “Keeping Confidence: Suicide” videos located in the Topic 7 folder in MindTap. Select one to use for this assignment. Be sure to take notes on the intake information presented at the beginning of the case in the selected video.

After you have viewed all three videos, select one to create a possible treatment plan (500-750 words) for the case study that includes only the following sections:

Describe the presented problem.

Explain the identified problem.

Explain the client’s interpersonal systems and the impact on the client.

Propose some possible client goals and possible barriers to change.

Explain possible intervention ideas, including possible group types.

Defend your plan citing two to four sources.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

SOC-449 Topic 7: Treatment and Intervention Plan Scoring Guide

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