SOC 449 Week 1 Discussions Latest-GCU

SOC 449 Week 1 Discussions Latest-GCU

1. Access and view the “Working with Yan Ping” video located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap. After you view the video, complete the following:

In your response, explain the following from the video:

a)    Presented problem

b)    Identified problem

c)    Social Phenomena present

d)    Cultural issues introduced

2. What might be a possible solution to the identified problem using practice theories and interventions? Social work requires ethical and professional behavior. Explain if the social worker in this video displayed ethical behavior. Provide an example of both: ethical and professional behavior.

Read the case example on page 25 in Chapter 2 of the textbook. Identify the phases of the helping process in this particular case study.  Explain if the case worker followed the helping process sufficiently or if an element within a phase was missing.  What were the different approaches between the two social workers and why?

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