SOC 445 Week 5 Assignment 1 Latest-GCU

SOC 445 Week 5 Assignment 1 Latest-GCU


Complete the “Cultural Competence in Social Work” worksheet.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assessment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines

Topic 5: Cultural Competence in Social Work Worksheet

As a social worker, it is imperative that a client/consumer is seen as a unique individual in order to constructively serve them. Taking into consideration the culture and subculture of the client/consumer is key in accomplishing this goal. This assignment will assist you in learning this skill.

Directions: Select three (3) of the cultural diversity groups listed below and then compile them to make one person. Then, use the intersectionality of that person to inform an appropriate intervention.

Cultural Groups:

African American

Native American


Sexual Orientation

Asian American


Ability status

Spiritual identity

Economic status

Latino American

For example:

A Native American female in her 20s who identifies as Christian, comes to you because she feels incredible anxiety about being outed at church.

After you create the fictional client/consumer from the characteristics above, address the prompts below based on the fictional person you created:

In 75-100 words, explain what you need to know as a social worker, from a cultural point of view when working with a client/consumer from this kind of cultural background.

In 75-100 words, explain how your understanding of this person’s culture(s) will help you when working with this client/consumer.

In 100-200 words, explain how understanding the client/consumer’s culture(s) informs the client/consumer’s intervention. In many cultures, it is often believed that depression is caused by a lack of religious faith. What are your first ideas about how to handle the case of a client/consumer from such a cultural philosophy?

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