SOC 445 Week 4 Assignment Latest-GCU

SOC 445 Week 4 Assignment Latest-GCU


Access the “Roadblocks in Social Work Worksheet.” Complete the assignment citing three to five sources.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assessment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines

Topic 4: Roadblocks in Social Work Worksheet

Directions: In social work, part of the helping process is to see a balanced view of the client/consumer. This requires knowing how to utilize questioning and listening techniques, set aside personal biases, taking into consideration the culture and subculture of the client/consumer, and proposing ways to deal with possible barriers to recommended resources. This assignment will assist you in learning this skill. Cite three to five scholarly sources to support your answers to the prompts below:

Balanced View of the Client

Explain why it is important to seek a balanced view of the client/consumer. (50 words)

Explain what is meant by good responses in communication. Provide some examples. (75-100 words)

Describe what reflective listening looks like. What are the results? (50-75 words)

Explain the importance of asking open questions to understand a client/consumer. How are effective questions connected to reflective listening? (50-75 words)

How can the client/consumer’s culture and subculture cause barriers to various recommended resources and services? (75-100 words)

Explain how a social worker must not allow personal biases to interfere with the case management process. How might personal bias prevent a social worker from adequately supporting a client/consumer? (200-250 words)

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