QUANT homework

Time-series data is collected, on a subject, over a sequence of time periods. For this HW assignment , it is assumed the data are gathered over one particular interval of time (for instance: weekly, daily, monthly, yearly etc … and no varied combination of these particular intervals is considered)

The goal , when analyzing a time-series, is to produce predictions (forecast) of the measurement taken on the subject at some future time interval.  There are many approaches to generating a forecast when conducting time-series analyses.  However, in this HW assignment, you will explore some of the built in features available in Excel that can be used for time-series investigations.  

We’ll assume that past patterns that may be present in the time-series data that you are assigned continue into the future.  For this week’s activity, you’ll use your assigned time-series dataset.


1)  Open the HW Dataset.  Examine the first row and based on the first letter of your last name, identify the timeseries data you are to use when completing this assignment.

2)     Review and Use the Time Series Excel Practice workbook, posted to Moodle, as your guide to investigate this time-series data.  Apply all the steps as specified in the workbook and respond to each question or prompt. Submit and Format all tables and charts to class expectations to avoid formatting point loss.  See Exemplars and class notes posted to Moodle.

3)     Post your results to Moodle in PDF format.  Your writeup should include each prompt presented in the Time-series Excel Practice workbook, the number of the prompt, your responses to the prompts, and all generated charts and tables.  Charts and tables are expected to be formatted to class expectations (see Exemplar). DO NOT SUBMIT the EXCEL time series data set

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