Psych Blog Entry

Visit Free APA Journal Articles to find a psychology research study that focuses on a topic of interest to you. Note that you can click on the various topics, starting with “Basic/Experimental” or “Clinical Psychology” all the way down the page to “Social Psychology & Social Processes”.

Reflecting upon the learning activities you completed in this module, you will create a blog post that illustrates your knowledge and application of research methods in psychology.

Your post should address the following:

  • Provide a link to the study and briefly explain the key findings. Be specific and make sure to use your own words in your explanation. Clearly state the theory and hypothesis of the study.
  • Skim the article for key methodology and findings. It may help to first read the abstract.
  • Identify and evaluate the research method utilized by the author(s) (i.e., case study, survey, experiment). Specifically, note whether or not the research was descriptive or experimental; be sure to address the issues of correlation and causation in your evaluation.
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