PSY 100 Grand Canyon Week 5 Assignment

PSY 100 Grand Canyon Week 5 Assignment

Learning Styles and Strategies


Briefly describe the results of your learning styles inventory. Identify 2 different settings in which you

could apply the results of the inventory.

For example, you could consider two different classes that you will take

and describe how learning strategies may differ depending upon the subject you

are studying. Identify and describe 4 techniques that will support your

learning and retention.


the results of “ Learning Styles Inventory, ” describe your personal learning



are some learning strategies that support your learning style?

Situation 1           Situation 2

Where will these strategies be applied?

Technique 1

Technique 2

Technique 3

Technique 4


Accountability Plan

Actions Action Plan

Change my study strategies: How can changing

my study strategies support learning?    1.

Monitor my progress: How well am I

Able to retain what I am learning? Is it taking me less time?         1.

Feedback: How can I tell?

When my learning strategies are not supporting my learning style and need to

Be modified?     1.

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