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As you read, the case study on ionic foot bath use, think about the questions within the case study and then post here on some of the following questions. 

Note** each person doesn’t not have to answer every question but you should each be writing at least a paragraph per post. Remember to post twice before the due date (once as your own post and once as a response OR twice in response to other people’s posts). Questions to thinks about for discussion:

  1. Based on the results (in the table in Part III) which of the two variables tested in this study appears to have the largest effect on improved health?
  2. Have you been in a situation where the placebo effect may have played a part in your response to a treatment? Did you realize it at the time? Feel free to share J
  3. Do you expect the placebo effect to work when you know it’s a placebo?
  4. If the placebo effect is real, where’s the harm in letting people remain uninformed (or falsely informed) about the mechanism of action of ionic foot baths?
  5. Propose a hypothesis to explain why the strength of the placebo effect might be increasing in recent years.
  6. Why do people sometimes turn away from evidence-based medicine and scientifically trained experts in the treatment of their health?
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