Organizational Mission Statements Assignment

Compare U.S. Department of Education, USAA Education Foundation, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Starbucks Coffee, and Florida Hospital Mission Statements

In all the organizations; U.S. Department of Education, USAA Education Foundation, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Starbucks Coffee, and Florida Hospital, there are shared values and beliefs in the different mission statements.  The student, customer or patient is the focus of the organization’s mission depending on the entity’s field of operation. For example, the student is empowered by the U.S. Department of Education (“About ED Mission” n.d.) while the military and the community benefits from the financial literacy sponsored by the USAA Education Foundation (“About the USAA” n.d.). On the other hand, customers are prioritized and taken care of by the Enterprise Rent-a-Car (“About Enterprise Rent-a-Car” n.d.). Similarly, patients are a priority at the Florida Hospital as well as the quality of service delivery (“Our Mission Extending” n.d.). In all the mission statement, the underlying factor is valuing customer service and satisfaction as the primary goal of each organization. In each organization, there is a common belief that success is equated to improved customer service and quality service and product delivery. The above organizations seems to entrench a culture of customer service through and quality service and product delivery as a mission and policy.

I feel valued after evaluating how each organization perceives customers and especially the U.S Department of Education. The organization prioritizes a student’s achievements and is keen on how one attains the required knowledge and skills that are vital for global competitiveness. On the other hand, one is valued by the USAA Educational Foundation by gaining financial literacy at both individual and communal level. Interestingly, the organization understands the importance of such services and offers the same at no cost. I feel valued by the Enterprise Rent-a-Car because the organization does not focus on getting profits but by satisfying the customer. Similarly, the same focus and customer service is prioritized by Starbucks Coffee that seeks to ensure quality product and service delivery satisfies my need. The holistic approach by Florida Hospital is about valuing customers from a spiritual, emotional, and physical perspective.

The focus of each organization mission statement differs with the nature of the industry. For example, the U.S Department of Education focus on students, educational programs, parents, the private sector, and school systems. In essence, all elements and parties to education are to promote student achievement and excellence. On the other hand, the focus of the USAA Educational Foundation is people in the military and local community who do not have access to resources on financial literacy.  Interestingly, the mission statement of the organization fits operations of non-profit making entity. The Enterprise Rent-a-Car focuses on the transport industries and people interested in accessing a reliable means of transport at an affordable cost while still making profit. The Starbucks Coffee mission statement is different because it focuses on giving customers a different product and service compared to its competitors with an intention of expanding market base and making profit. The mission statement for the Florida Hospital implies an institution that focus on client’s welfare without giving focus on making profits.  In any case, the quality of healthcare service delivery influences the organization’s mission, vision, culture, and values.

In each of the above mission statements, the ones for U.S. Department of Education, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Starbucks Coffee and Florida Hospital would remain the same. On the other hand, I would edit the mission statement for USAA Educational Foundation. Therefore, the mission statement would be ‘to lead and inspire actions to improve financial literacy in the military, public service, and the local community.’



















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