Nutritional School Lunches in the US

Are nutritional school lunches in the United States improving students’ education performance and reducing dropout rates?

In the following research, I intend to explore and show why the nutritional school lunches must remain and continue to be established across the country. I will provide empirical evidence showing how students in various institutions have improved their academic performance and instances where school dropout rates have reduced. I will present other arguments and studies that have proposed the continued use of nutritional school lunches in schools across the United States. The research will show why the school lunches continue to be beneficial amid concerns over the financial burden of doing the same.

…I anticipate that time factor will be a challenge and may affect the completion of the research on time. Also, I foresee difficulties in getting enough empirical studies as sources for the research.

…My discussion of this topic will create the required emphasis on why school meals are important in improving education delivery in the country. My aim is to give an in-depth insight into why school lunch program is important for education. The empirical studies will provide factual evidence that supports the argument that school lunch improved education performance and reduces the dropout rate.

…The research will seek to discuss the future of school lunch programs in education. The research will try to answer whether school lunch programs are sustainable.

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