MGT 605 Grand Canyon CLC Peer Evaluation Form

MGT 605 Grand Canyon CLC Peer Evaluation Form

Complete this peer evaluation for each member of your team, including yourself. The average score from these evaluations will be used to determine your final grade for the assignment.

Rate each team member on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the highest. Use the rubric on the second page to determine the score for each team member. Include comments explaining why you gave your teammate this score.

Your peer evaluations will be kept strictly confidential. Your grade for the evaluation will be posted in the gradebook as an assignment, but individual ratings will not be shared.

Group member: List names    Rating: 1-100  Comments: Must be completed for each team member.

  1. Your name

Scores will be calculated as follows:

After the total for each student has been added together and divided by the number of team members rating him/her, calculate the following: ___/100 x 2% =____ out of 2 points for this evaluation.



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