M2 Discussion 2: Cultural Evolution / Phase I Survey



This discussion focuses on the initial stage of site investigation work for archaeologists and its importance. It also deals with the examination and interpretation of sites and how this can inform us about the process of cultural evolution. Be sure to complete the readings for this module as preparation for your initial post.


Inital Post

There are two discussion prompt options. Choose one of them and note the option as the subject line of your answer post. NOTE: Answer posts are due earlier than responses to others. Be sure to answer thoroughly and provide APA-style citations as needed.

  • Option A: Discuss how matrix, provenance /provenience, and preservation help archaeologists understand cultural evolution. Provide at least 3 examples.
  • Option B: Briefly summarize the steps involved in doing a Phase I survey. What information can be obtained from this process? Why is it important?
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