journal writing


Journal Writing

Journal writing is a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences on any subject; this can prove helpful for future tasks, including writing improvement. This assignment will focus on our course and the lessons you have learned in it.

Write a 200-word entry for a journal.

NOTE: The journal entry must be specific to the current section of this ENGL106 course. No journal entries may be resubmitted that were written for a previous ENGL106 course.

Download this template to complete your assignment. Address the following:

  • Discuss your writing skills and your development as a writer as you have completed this course. (Refer to your Main Post of the Unit 1 Discussion to compare how you have improved to what you listed as your writing strengths and weaknesses.)
  • Identify what you learned about your strengths and challenges and the changes you experienced with these strengths and challenges as you progressed through this course.
  • In other words, discuss how you have grown as a writer. What resources or tools were the most useful for you?
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