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Why does Anton Kriel want to do this interview?  The video is less about trading and the “narrow issues” of respecting money, assets and liabilities, alternative education, mainstream media, etc. and more about “wider issues”.  What are these “wider issues”?  Which one of the ten “secrets” do you find most useful and how could you apply it to your life?  Please answer these questions and explain your answers.  Also quote from the video. What I’m looking for more than anything is a deep reflection of the information Kriel shares with viewers.  Please don’t go to outside sources because they will be secondary or tertiary.  Kriel is the primary source so you should only be writing about the video.  He answers the questions I ask in the topic in the interview.  All you need to do is quote him. the purpose of the interview is not trading nor money but “wider issues”.  These wider issues don’t have to do with trading.  What does Anton Kriel say those issues are at the beginning of the interview?  Again, the interview is not about trading, nor finance nor how to get rich.  Kriel explains why he’s doing the interview and what the “wider issues” are.  

When you read the topic you’ll notice I’m asking you to write about yourself in connection to the video’s content.  Don’t be afraid to write about yourself nor to use the word I.  The more you personalize your writing the better.  Plus this exercise is for you so make it about you and about applying information.  Don’t just write that secret so and so is best but why, how could you apply it to your life?

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