Human Resources in the Workforce

Topic Choice 1: This discussion topic targets ELO 400-SMC-1015.301 (S301: Human Resources in the Workforce)

Lt. Gen McConville said “the Army’s most important weapon is its people. Where the other services may man equipment, what we do is equip the Soldiers, the women and men who are the Army. That’s where talent management comes into play”. Unfortunately, all Soldiers who enlist do not make the Army a career and choose to take their experiences back to the civilian sector.

As a senior enlisted leader discuss why it is important to understand the “Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program” offers various programs to help transition Soldiers within your organization to include self to the new normal of the 21st Century Workforce.

Assignment Instructions: Post a substantial initial response, with at least one (1) cited source from your required readings and a minimum of 300 words, to the topic below.  Identify references following the post using APA format. Additionally, respond to at least two (2) of your classmates initial posts, with at least one (1) cited source from your required readings. Each reply post must have a minimum of 150 words per for full participation credit

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