Human Resource Management: Course Work Project




  1. Training and development:
    1. Conduct a training needs analysis
    2. Implement a training programme
  • Evaluate the programme

Learners may also conduct an evaluation of training on a previously implemented training program to determine its effectives. The program should have been implemented no earlier than two years prior to the start of the Practicum course

  1. Performance evaluation:
    1. Conduct an in-depth study of the performance evaluation system employed by a selected agency

Learners may also design and implement a performance management system in a selected organization

  1. Personnel management and welfare:
    1. Conduct an in-depth study on personnel management programs implemented by selected organizations to determine effectiveness OR design and implement a pri)grarn for a selected organization.
  2. Industrial Relations:
    1. Conduct an assessment of Industrial Relation practices at an organization

Learnerss may also conduct an assessment of conflict resolution techniques or strategies practiced by an organization

  1. Job Analysis and Design:
    1. Conduct a Job Analysis, carry out Job Evaluations and draft new job descriptions for presentation to management


  1. Compensation Management:
    1. Carry out an in-depth study of compensation systems employed by an organization
    2. Conduct a salary survey and develop new systems to be introduced
  2. Occupational Health and Safety:
    1. Conduct a health and safety audit of an organization



All Proiects Must IBe Approved by the Lecturer Before Students Mav Commence

The Practicum involves:

  1. Diagnosing HR Issues
  2. Designing programmes
  3. implementation of program
  4. program evaluation
  5. Collecting and analyzing data
  6. Presentation of research findings
  7. Discussion of findings
  8. Conclusion &/ recommendations

The learner must demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding with clear evidence of application of the appropriate skills and competencies in the chosen area.

The Practicum exercise must be accepted by the organization’s Management in which it is being conducted. Although the Practicum is a learning exercise, the specific programme carried out should also, where appropriate, make a contribution to the professional operation of the organization.


  1. The exercise will last 12 weeks
  2. Learners must be assigned a Supervisor who will provide consultative guidance on a weekly basis
  3. Supervisors will be assigned based on the area of specialization of supervisor and area chosen by students
  4. Learners must develop a proposal, which must be submitted by week four (4) for approval before implementation begins
  5. Learners must make contact with organization and design plan of action. This must be included in the proposal
  6. All forms/instruments must be approved by the supervisor before implementation.
  7. A full report must be submitted by week fifteen (12)
  8. Learners will be required to make an oral presentation of their project
  9. Proposal must conform to APA standard and it should include all the following:
    1. Cover Page, Table of Contents
    2. Executive Summary/ introduction
    3. Statement of the Problem.
    4. Purpose of the Study
    5. Significance of the Study
    6. Review of Literature [at least 10 sources must be cited and no more than 6 pages]
    7. Methodology to be used
    8. Limitations &/ Delimitations
    9. References
    10. Appendices: Human Resource Plan, Budget
  10. The final Proiect should include all the following:
    1. Cover page, title page, table of Contents etc
    2. Executive Summary/ introduction
    3. Statement of the Problem.
    4. Purpose of the Study
    5. Significance of the Study
  • Review of Literature
  1. Research design / Methodology
  2. Limitations &/ Delimitations
  3. Presentation of findings
  4. Discussion
  5. Conclusion &/ Recommendations
  6. References
  7. Appendices: Human Resource Plan, schedule of activities Budget, individual statement, sample instruments

Note: The project may be completed as an individual assignment or a group assignment. Where the project is conducted as group assignment students should choose their own groups. Additionally, students should ensure that they show evidence of individual work both in the individual statement and in the presentation.



  1. Proposal
  2. Mid Semester Exam
  3. Group Report Exam
  4. Indivlduaf Written Statement



 Cover page in APA format (1 mark)
 Table of content included (1 mark)
 Acknowledgement (optional) (O mark)
 Reference page in APA format included (1 mark)


  1. Statement of the Problem {5}
  • Area of concern clearly stated (3 marks)
  • Readers interest aroused through evidence and or statistics provided

(2 marks)

2. Aim/s and / Objective/s of study {2}  
Aim/s clearly stated (2 marks)
Stated but not very clear (1 mark)
Not stated (O mark)
3. Purpose of the Study {2}  
Section clearly describes how study may be used (2 marks)
Description provided but lacks coherence (1 mark)


  • Properly cited, related literature, clearly presented from 10 sources. Including five (5) peer referenced related online sources (30 marks)
  • Properly cited, related literature presented from only five and three peer referenced online sources (15 marks)

Properly cited Less than five sources presented, (mks dependent on number of sources presented).   (3 marks)  Literature presented and is either not relevant or not properly cited (O mark)

This section is marked out of 45, then the marks are converted to 8.


1. Research Design

Plan for study well organized outlining  Topic and methodology

(12 marks)
                                 Topic (2 marks)
                                 Topic of study formally stated (2 marks)
   Stated but incoherent

Methodology selected (2mks)

(1 mark)
                                  Qualitative or quantitative method stated with rational (2 marks)
Method stated without rational

Methodological construction of the topic

Definition of topic

(1 mark)
                                 Formal definition of the topic (2 marks)
    Definition not clearly stated

Exploration and operationalization

(1 mark)
  • (Exploration) Statement of how the information will be studied (1 mark) (Operationalization) operational definition/ statement of how research topic will be measured (2 marks)

Sampling procedure

  • Choice of sample method
  • Statement outlining where and when the study will be conducted and who will take part in it (where, when , who) (3 marks)

Data Collection

Method of Data Collection  statements outlining how subjects will be approached, how data will be collected and how data will be returned to the researcher

(3 marks)  Procedure for proper handling of research personnel and conditions to reduce or eliminate bias and distortion

(2 marks)

Data analysis and interpretation {4}

  • Data processing
  • Statements describing how the collected data will be analysed and processed

(3 marks)

  • Statements outlining the resources that will be used and their source (1 mark)

Reporting of Data

  • The report
  • Statements outlining how the findings will be communicated (3 marks)


  • Program implementation / Discussion (10 marks)
  • Discussion in, Standard English, thoroughly
  • Addresses Research question (2 marks)
  • Integrate literature review, and methodology (5 marks)
  • Addresses findings (3marks)


Concluding statements  clearly representative of paper (2 marks)  of some but not all major areas of the paper (1 mark)

recommendation based on discussion stated:

  • Clearly with rational (3 marks) But lacks rational        (2 marks)
  • But Not clearly (1 mark)

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