Human Anatomy and Physiology

Your laboratory assignment this week is to create an educational PowerPoint presentation as if you were presenting to your classmates on one of the topics listed below:

  • Dehydration- Causes, Dangers, and Treatment
  • Electrolyte Imbalance- Causes, Dangers, and Treatment (pick one electrolyte imbalance)
  • Imbalances to Acid-Base Regulation- Causes, Dangers, and Treatment (pick one Acid-Base imbalance)

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides (not including the introduction and conclusion slides), contain appropriate images, provide what you would say/present in the Notes section of each slide, and have proper APA format (reference slide). When completed, please attach your PowerPoint¬†presentation as your initial post.¬†Your response should include a detailed review of at least one of your classmate’s PowerPoint¬†presentations.

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