HU245 Ethics


Discussion Overview

In this unit you have the opportunity to think deeply regarding the rights of animals. This week’s discussion focuses on what those rights are, where they come from, and what, if any, responsibility humans have to prevent animal abuses. You may also discuss the role of factory farming which raises ethical questions related to not only the treatment of animals but also its environmental impact. 

Choose ONE of the following to answer on this Discussion Board:

A: Do you believe animals have rights and do you believe people have an obligation to protect those rights?

If you believe animals have rights, what are these rights? If you do not believe animals have rights, are there reasons people should protect them from abuse? Explain your position using ethical reasoning and/or theory.


B: Consider the practice of factory farming. What are some of the economic, environmental, and ethical issues related to the modern system of meat production? Should the government increase regulation of factory farming for the benefit of animals?

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