How Can Managers Encourage and Maintain Employee Motivation to Provide Excellent Customer Service?

Please select 1 question to answer from each chapter below. Please be sure 1) you identify the chapter of the question you are answering, 2) you copy the question, and 3) your completed response aligns with the Written Response Rubric.

Management Actions Case Study


Chapter 9 (Motivation)

  1. Discuss why 2 people with similar abilities may have very different expectancies for performing at a high level. Please lay out the pros and cons of each person. [LO 9-2]
  2. Describe why some people have low instrumentalities even when their managers distribute outcomes based on performance. You will want to compare them to people with high instrumentalities. [LO 9-2]
  3. Analyze how professors try to promote equity to motivate students. What happens to students if there is explicit inequity? [LO 9-2].
  4. Describe 3 techniques or procedures that managers can use to determine whether a goal is difficult. [LO 9-3]
  5. Discuss why managers should always try to use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. [LO 9-4]

Chapter 10 (Leaders & Leadership)

  1. Describe 2 specific situations in which it might be especially important for a manager to engage in consideration and initiating structure. Be sure to identify backgrounds on each situation and address both consideration and initiating structure for both. [LO 10-2)
  2. Discuss why managers might want to change the behaviors they engage in, given their situation, their subordinates, and the nature of the work being done. Do you think managers can readily change their leadership behaviors? Why or why not? [LO 10-3]
  3. Describe what transformational leadership is and explain how managers can engage in it. Be thorough and specific. [LO 10-4]

Chapter 11 (Effective Team Management)

  1. What kinds of employees would a manager prefer to work on a virtual team? Why? What kinds of employees would a manager prefer that meets face-to-face? Why? [LO 11-2]
  2. Why do some groups have low levels of cohesiveness? What specifically can you do as a manager to increase a group’s cohesiveness? List at least 4 actions you can take. [LO 11-4]
  3. Imagine you are the manager of a hotel. What steps will you take to reduce social loafing by members of a cleaning staff who are responsible for keeping all common areas and guest rooms spotless? If it happens, how will you address the situation? [LO 11-5]
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