history paper


As you have gone through Unit II you have been introduced to a wonderfully complex cast of characters that are bestowed with this larger than life title “Founding Father.” We in the United States have idolized these figures since the American Revolution and one of the primary things I hope you would learn from this Unit is that they were human beings with as many character flaws as amazing talents. I hope you also recognize that the role of Founder was not simply named Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, but included a very large number of other individuals (with names like Madison, Hamilton, Adams, and Jay) and was certainly not exclusively the domain of men. For this discussion, I would like for you to address the following questions in your discussion board posting:

Your responses should be for of these questions.

1) Who was the most interesting “Founding Father(s)” for you to learn about?

2) What made these men so unique and what characteristics made them so “human”?

3) Who was the most interesting “Founding Mother(s)” for you to learn about? Why is learning the role of colonial women and other minority groups in the Revolution important to understanding the full story of the founding of the United States of America?

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