History 1

From what I read and prior knowledge, I believe there was a balance. Overall, the map shows a lot of land that can used for growing crops. Due to the abundant of water sources along the eastern and western seaboard and along with the numerous rivers, lakes, and streams, this was good for the land. At the same time, there was more forest and land good for hunting more accessible for most tribes. Hunting was not only easy for some tribes, but certain animals and their meat have important significance in Native American culture. As the Europeans moved away from the coast, they spread disease to the tribes. And the tribes that were able pivot and survive their situations best were the ones who started to live similar to the ways of their European intruders, like the Pueblo Indians. They conformed to some gender roles were the men would now go to the hunting, whereas before the women had done it as well prior. ( in your own words tell me what this mean to you 125 words please)

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