HIST: US History Since 1865 (MULTIPLE CHOICE)

·       Question 1

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In the 2000 presidential election,


only forty percent of eligible voters voted.


George Bush eventually was named the winner, with only three electoral votes separating him and Al Gore.


it could be argued that most voters were voting against either George W. Bush or Al Gore, rather than for either of them.


most people polled said that they were disgusted with politics in general.




·       Question 3

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Which of these was true of the 1996 election?


Bob Dole was the Republican candidate, and he campaigned on his experience and age.


The Democrats were free to focus on getting Clinton reelected without opposition, while the Republicans had to battle each other to determine a candidate.


The entry of H. Ross Perot into the campaign, as in 1992, helped ensure Clinton’s victory.


Clinton became the first Democrat since Harry Truman to be elected to two terms as president.


·       Question 6

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It was clear from the 2000 election that



fraud had definitely occurred somewhere along the line.


a three-party system was the way of the future.


the nation was pretty much split along the lines of social liberals vs. Republican defenders of pre-1960s morality.


George W. Bush entered the White House with a great deal of “political capital.”


·       Question 7

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Which of the following is true about the Republican house majority under Newt Gingrich’s leadership?



The Senate rejected many of their proposals.


Clinton vetoed a number of items that made it through the Senate.


Clinton conceded one of their most important principles when he said in a State of the Union speech that “the era of big government is over.”


All of these choices.


·       Question 8

·       Question 9

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Which of these is descriptive of the nation’s economy during the last half of the 1990s?


Unemployment remained high.


Between 1997 and 1999, the GDP grew at a rate of six percent.


The average price of stocks more than tripled and the economy improved during the decade.


Clinton received a great deal of credit for the improvements in the economy, especially since he had to deal with a Republican Congress.


·       Question 12

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Most illegal immigrants to America in the decades after 1965 were from




Southeast Asia.


Latin America, but especially from Cuba.


Latin America, but especially from Mexico.


·       Question 13

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Bill Clinton took office with a decidedly centrist world view, as evidenced by his



support for globalization.


liberal social principles and conservative economic views.


strong relationship with the former president, George H.W. Bush.


centrist Supreme Court nominees.


·       Question 17

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Monica Lewinsky will long be remembered for having had an affair with President Bill Clinton while she served as



a page in the Senate.


a White House intern.


liaison to the Senate majority leader.


Newt Gingrich’s personal assistant.


·       Question 18

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Which of these views did Bill Clinton not espouse as he campaigned for the presidency?


Support for tough anticrime measures




Advocacy of welfare reform


Support for the Head Start program


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The word that would best describe what took place in corporate America during the 1990s would be










·       Question 22

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Unlike his predecessors Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, President Bill Clinton



was reluctant to intervene in foreign conflicts.


had to learn the art of political compromise.


was a fiscal conservative at heart.


could just ignore the events that were unfolding in Africa and the Balkan.


·       Question 23

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During his confirmation hearings, Clarence Thomas had to defend himself against charges of


income tax evasion.


taking bribes.


sexual harassment.


shady real estate dealings.


·       Question 24

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Which of the following was NOT affected by the government shutdown in 1995?



national parks


federal agencies


state and local parks


national museums


·       Question 25

·       Question 26

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The 2000 presidential election effectively ended when



the state of Florida had completed its manual recount.


the United States Supreme Court ordered the halt of the Florida recount in a 5 to 4 decision.


the poll booths closed on election day.


None of these choices.


·       Question 27

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Which of the following was true of the 1994 election?


The Republicans gained a net total of sixty seats in the House.


The House came under the control of the Republicans for the first time since Eisenhower was president.


Though the Republicans gained a great many seats in Congress, the Democrats managed to maintain a substantial majority in the Senate.


Though the Republicans gained a great many seats in Congress, Clinton managed to reach across the aisle and reach many agreements with them, especially after their ill-conceived plan to shut down the federal government to show their disagreements over the budget.


·       Question 31

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In 1998, President Clinton was able to report that the federal government



was going to reduce taxes dramatically.


was moving from a budget deficit to a budget surplus.


was going to reopen the facilities the Republican Congress had shut down in its protest in 1994.


was drastically shrinking its labor force.


·       Question 32

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Which of the following is not indicative of growing multiculturalism in America in the years since 1965?


Projections that Protestants will become the nation’s largest segment of the population by 2020.


Increased calls for political and social recognition from African Americans, Chicanos and American Indians.


Rising concerns about illegal immigration.


A surge in the numbers of Asians emigrating to America.


·       Question 33

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Which of the following was not a presidential candidate in 1992?



Bill Clinton


H. Ross Perot


Newt Gingrich


George H. W. Bush


·       Question 34

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During the 1990s, America’s international agenda was oriented toward reducing trade barriers and



dealing with the aftereffects of the Cold War.


keeping Saudi Arabia happy.


bringing democracy to countries around the world.


helping the U.N. end poverty.


·       Question 35

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The L.A. riots of 1992 occurred after



white officers were filmed beating a black man.


O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife.


a black and white jury found four white police officers guilty of beating a black man, Rodney King.


an all-white jury found four white police officers not guilty of beating a black man, Rodney King.


·       Question 36

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Digital technology sparked economic growth by


streamlining manufacturing processes and helping companies reach overseas markets.


requiring companies to retrain workers.


leading to new jobs for Americans overseas.


All of these choices.


·       Question 37

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One of the most negative changes that has taken place in communications in recent years is that



Americans tend to get the same slant on news from different sources, since so many are owned by the same giant corporations.


people can now know so much about what is happening around the world that it can be overwhelming to them.


most people no longer pay any attention to world events, because there are so many entertainment channels available.


it is virtually impossible to tell what political agenda any one entity is supporting.


·       Question 38

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Which of these is not a true statement about Clinton and impeachment?



The House voted for impeachment in December of 1998.


The vote on impeachment went according to party lines.


The Senate declined to impeach Clinton but did agree he was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.


Senate Democrats had more than 34 votes needed to block Clinton’s removal from office.


·       Question 40

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President Bill Clinton named his vice president, Al Gore, to head a committee to develop a new health care plan for Americans.










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