Herzing NU 670 Unit 5 Assignment Latest


Herzing NU 670 Unit 5 Assignment Latest

Unit 5 Assignment – Case Study


Review all the learning material for this week; videos, webinars, lectures, articles, and guidelines.  

For this week’s case study assignment, you will create a presentation to educate other providers about caring for the mental health needs of special populations in psychiatric mental health/primary care.  Then record voice over for your presentation using PowerPointzoom, or Youtube, etc…  

You will then upload your recorded presentation file to Youtube for easier access and viewing by faculty and peers.  Please select the UNLISTED option.  This allows your instructor and peers to view and anyone you share the link with but will not publish it to public view. 

You will submit the link to your video in the assignment dropbox as well as to the discussion board this week. 

For your assigned special population, you will provide information for the following listed slides:  

  • Slide 1:  TITLE SLIDE 
  • Slide 2:  POPULATION:  Introduction to population 
  • Slide 3:  PREVALENCE of MENTAL ILLNESS: mental health statistics for this population 
  • Slide 4:  PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY TX CONSIDERATIONS: medications to avoid and why, considerations r/t pathophysiology and changes for this population (think genetics, renal clearance, blood volume, development, genetics-CYP450, etc…) 
  • Slide 5: CONTRAINDICATIONS:  are there any specific contraindications to prescribing psychotropic to this population 
  • Slide 6: REFERENCES 

See your assigned population listed below: 

If your LAST NAME starts with A through E please use the following circumstance: 

Elderly/Geriatrics: polypharmacy, physiological consideration of aging 

If your LAST NAME starts with FthroughI please use the following circumstance: 

Pediatric/Adolescents: considerations for prescribing, FDA approvals 

If your LAST NAME starts with J through Qplease use the following circumstance:  

Perinatal/Lactation: considerations for prescribingteratogenicity, physiological considerations of pregnancy  

If your LAST NAME starts with R through Zplease use the following circumstance:  Minority (specific Ethnicities) Groups: specific genetic considerations for metabolism of medication (think CYP450, etc…) 

 To Submit Your Assignment: 

  1. Select the  Add Submissions button.  
  2. Submit your video link. 
  3. Select  Save Changes.  


Unit 5 Quiz


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Herzing NU 670 Unit 5 Assignment Latest

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