Health and Human science 460 class


The first step is to develop a research question. For example, you may be interested in gender differences in development of diabetes – your initial question could be: Are there gender-based differences in the development of diabetes in adults? You would then refine it to indicate if you are interested in a quantitative or a qualitative approach to answering it. A question that is quantitative in nature would be: what is the average age at which males and females demonstrate signs of diabetes in adults? A question that is qualitative is: what factors contribute to gender-based differences in diabetes development in adults?

Your first assignment is to develop a research question, a brief description of the research, and a statement as to whether you would take a qualitative or quantitative approach in answering the question and why that approach is appropriate.

Grading criteria for assignment one:



Points earned


Clear statement of the research question 



Description of the study 



Approach to be taken in the study 



Total Points 


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