FinTech Startups

Although FinTech startups are attracting large amounts of funding, there is no guarantee that all will succeed. In fact, nine out of 10 startups will end up failing, and that means the money that venture capitalists put into funding these ideas can disappear too.

For this DB assignment, see the article titled: “311 Startup Failure Post-Mortems” at startup-failure-post-mortem (the list of failed companies begins are the heading: 2019 THIRD UPDATE (10/16/19).

Find a company that sounds interesting to you, but one that no one else has yet written about (note: your chosen company does not have to be a FinTech company).

Click the “Title” link and read about the company. Then find at least 2 additional articles about the company. For your post, write a description of the company, when it was started, and where it was located, and then provide a history of the company from beginning to bankruptcy.

Be sure to indicate the approximate amount of money that investors lost.

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