Final project

Students are to select option 1 or 2 and read the corresponding chapters. The writing
rubric will be used to grade the final paper.
Follow closely the Grading Rubric for Written
Assignment found in the Course Resources section of the course. Be sure to include an
Introduction and Conclusion to the assignment. This is a formal paper.
Follow APA
edition format. The paper should be no more than 10 pages, excluding the title and
reference pages. An abstract is not required for Choice 1.

Choice 1: Quantitative or Qualitative Research Proposal
Choose a topic of interest and write a proposal to a funding agency. The proposal must
include the problem, purpose, significance, feasibility, literature review, framework,
design, sample, measurement, and plan for collection and analysis of data. A study
budget and timetable should also be included. (Refer to Chapters 28 and 29 of the
required course textbook.)

Title page


Literature review


Research Hypotheses/questions


Plans for Data Collection and Analysis



Appendices, as appropriate

Choice 2:
Evidence-Based Systematic Review
Identify a clinical problem and develop a PICO question. Review the literature about this
question, using a minimum of 10 references. This systematic review will identify,
appraise, and synthesize the studies to answer the question. Conclusions are made
based on scientific evidence. (Refer to Chapter 19)

Title Page



Relevant PICO clinical question

Purpose or aim of review

Literature Search criteria and strategies

Comprehensive search and results

Critical appraisal process and findings

Results of findings (table and narrative format)

Discussion of findings—implications, limitations, conclusions


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