Final discussion


FINC 4300W Seminar in Business Finance

3 hours; 3 credits

Research, analysis and discussion of case histories in the financing of business, multinational, and not-for-profit enterprises, including study of debt and equity issues in mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, split-ups and expansions. Financing by venture capital, banks, and other financial institutions including underwriters and governmental agencies. Emphasis on alternatives facing financial mangers in decision making under conditions of certainty and uncertainty. Writing-intensive course. (Not open to students who have completed Economics 80.2 or [Business 4300W]).

Please discuss your experience in the course. Specifically identify what aspect of the course you found most important or enlightening. Include details regarding what was challenging about this topic and how you believe the topic will benefit you personally and/or professionally in the future. 

Your original comments should be at least 250 words. 

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