1.      What are the major differences between the Patterson, Foner, and King interpretation of Freedom? Describe each author’s views and contrast their differences in about 350 words or so. (20 pts.)


2.      Explain the concept behind the three-fifth Clause to the American constitution. How does the compromise work? Which States benefited and which states were disadvantaged by the compromise, in about 350 words or so. (20 pts.)


3.      Federalism embodies the idea that there are shared powers between the national government and state governments. How did the fourth amendment expand the power of federalism? Explain the general content of the 14th amendment, its origins and development, the impact of the civil rights cases of 1883 on the 14th amendment and the dissenting views of Justice John Marshall Harlan. Please limit your comment to about 500 words. (20 pts.)


4.      In a paragraph or two, explain the major views of African Americans on Black political culture, expressed in the Analysis of the NBES polls conducted in 1984 and 1988. Limit your interpretation to about 350 words or so. (20 pts.)


5.      In terms of public opinion – Explain what the authors Walters Jr. and Smith mean by the concept African American Alienation. Cite and explain three examples that the authors use to describe African American Alienation. Does Liberalism reinforce alienation or does it deserve alienation. Explain –  limit your comment to about 350 words. (20 pts.)



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