Engineering Ethics paper – Philosophy

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put that in mind I’m studying  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING if you need to know,





Pick one of the following prompts and write a 600+ word answer. Be concise, avoid long quotes and anecdotes.

1) Do you think that Marx and Engels are correct in asserting importance to the labor process regarding the development of both humanity and society? In answering, discuss: the relationship between consciousness and our socio-political life, alienation, and the generation of new needs.


2) Produce and discuss your own all-encompassing definition of engineering. Include various roles, duties, primary focuses etc. (This is the hardest one because I will expect the best answers and grade accordingly.)


3) Discuss Luegenbiehl’s and Ladd’s arguments. Do they make their case? Are codes of ethics pointless? Would guidelines solve the problems as Luegenbiehl seems to believe? Is it a failure, inability or lack of will with the codes, and how will the guidelines differ in this capacity?


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