DO: Analyzing the Conversation: Townsend, “Burying…”

In preparation for our discussion next Monday, answer ALL of the following questions as separate paragraphs (about one solid paragraph per question):

  1. What is Townsend’s argument? Another way of thinking about it: what are the biggest points that she is trying to explain to us?  (The goal here is to read the article carefully and then practice artful paraphrase–synthesize Townsend’s argument (and its components) in your own words.) 
  2.  With whom is she in conversation? (That is, what other ideas about this topic have come before her (written by historians or others) and how is she engaging those ideas. Hint: Read both the text and the footnotes.)

3.  Did you find her use of evidence compelling or problematic? Give one particularly good example to support your position, complete with a short quote and page reference. Describe what you found worthy of note in this use of evidence.


Double-spaced, 12- or 11-pt. font. 1″ margins on all sides.

Include your name and the date in the upper-right corner. No title needed, but include the full Chicago citation for the Townsend article at the top of your document. Use Chicago “Note” style.  For examples, see (Links to an external site.) The Townsend piece is a “Journal Article.”


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