Discussion Response 6220 wk 7

 Personality is the dynamic structure of the psychophysical processes within an individual that define his traits, conduct, and cognition. It is the qualities or combination of characteristics that distinguishes a person. (Cervone & Pervin, 2019) Freddie Highmore from the show The Good Doctor is the character I selected. I have been a fan of Freddie Highmore since the Bates Motel series.

Alfred Thomas Highmore was born in Camden Town, London, England, to talent agent Sue (Latimer) and actor Edward Thomas Highmore (IMDB,2021). He went to Highgate School and then graduated from Cambridge University’s Emmanuel College with a double first degree in Spanish and Arabic (IMDB,2021). In the television program Good Doctor, Highmore portrays a character with Autism that works as a surgeon. At first the hospital was skeptical of hiring him because of his autism. But Shawn Murphy has proven them wrong and has completed multiple successful surgeries. Autism is a common childhood neurodevelopmental disorder with strong genetic liability (Geschwind, 2009). It is not a unitary entity but a clinical syndrome, with variable deficits in social behavior and language, restrictive interests, and repetitive behaviors (Geschwind, 2009). Recent advances in the genetics of autism emphasize its etiological heterogeneity, with each genetic susceptibility locus accounting for only a small fraction of cases or having a small effect (Geschwind, 2009).

Freddie Highmore exhibits the humanistic perspective of personality. The humanistic perspective focuses on psychological growth, free will, and personal awareness (Cervone &Pervin,2019). It takes a more positive outlook on human nature and is centered on how each person can achieve their individual potential (Cervone &Pervin,2019. Patience, being in his own comfort zone, and believing in perfection are some of Freddie Highmore’s personality qualities. Highmore is such an encouragement to those who want to achieve great things. He carries himself in such a way that he is a wonderful example of an actor who still maintains his roots in his hometown. Highmore returns home frequently to see his family. Highmore continues to attend family gatherings. He emphasizes how down to earth, and family oriented he is in his interviews. He makes clear and concise comments, and he is open-minded. He will be very direct, forthright, and honest in his interviews and on talk programs. We can sense his genuine admiration for her family.


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