Directions: After reviewing all of week 1 resources, respond to the following prompt.  An original response must be created by starting a new thread, and once you have completed your original response, you will be able to read and reply to other threads (original responses) created by your classmates.

To receive full credit for this week’s discussion, reply to the threads created by one of your classmates in addition to posting a new thread with original response.  Also, if you are using information from any resources, don’t forget to cite them in APA format.

Week 1 Prompt: Multiple companies offer genetic testing which includes testing for genetic pre-dispositions to different cancers. 

Based on the information provided to you in the resources for this week, discuss both pros and cons to getting genetic testing done to determine if you might have a pre-disposition towards a particular type of cancer. 

Should the results of this type of testing be a “life changer” for a patient? Why or why not?

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