The Risks of Distracted Driving | Brad Gorski | TEDxStanleyPark

First: Watch this speech “The Risks of Distracted Driving”

Second:  find a visual that you think will enhance the speech. 

· Great places to find pictures are from pexels.com (Links to an external site.) (a royalty & attribution free site…medium size files are typically large enough).  Excel works wonders for Graphs, but is a bit more complicated if you have never been in there whereas (BEAM (Links to an external site.)) makes graphs for free (for the price of your email) as well as Canva.com (Links to an external site.).  There’s also an incredibly simple option which is from the NCES (Links to an external site.).

Third – Answer these questions:  At what part in this speech could use this visual? Why does a visual at that time make sense?  Would a visual help the audience remember the speech?  Would it clarify or dramatize the message?  Would it enhance any persuasive appeal (aka ethos, logos, pathos)?  In your post make sure to discuss why your visual would help enhance the speech. Explain your visual and discuss why you chose this particular image. 

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