CU004: Cross-Cultural Research

I NEED THIS BY 07/20/21 BY 5PM.


Your response to this Assessment should:

  • Reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric (ATTACHED)
  • Adhere to the required assignment length

Critical Analysis of Cross-Cultural Research

  • Select a journal article related to cross-cultural research that is published within the last 10 years from one of the following journals for faculty SME approval:
    • Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • Cross-Cultural Research
    • International Perspectives in Psychology
    • Ethos
  • Once you select your article, please message your faculty SME your article for approval
  • Use the approved article to complete this Competency Assessment

Assessment (8 pages excluding title and reference pages):

Part 1: Introduction (2 pages)

In your introduction to your critical analysis, include the following:

  • Introduce the research you selected (title, authors)
  • Describe the study (i.e., purpose of the study)
  • Describe the problem addressed in the study as well as the research question

Part 2: Methods and Design (2 pages)

  • Describe the overall design of the study you selected
  • Describe the type of methodology used (i.e., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method)
  • Describe any ethical considerations within the study you selected. If none are mentioned, explain any potential ethical issues the researcher(s) might have needed to consider

Part 3: Culture within Research (4 pages)

This portion of your assessment is your analysis of how the researcher(s) incorporated culture into their research. Include the following:

  • How did the researcher(s) incorporate the nature of culture within their study?
  • Are there aspects of the study where researcher(s) could have better incorporated the influence of culture in the sample, methods, analyses, or conclusion and how?
  • If the researcher(s) were given an opportunity to improve on their research, what would you suggest? Be specific.
  • How would your suggestion facilitate positive social change?
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